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100% vegan and 100% organic tattoo skin care range. Hand crafted in the UK in small batches , each ingredient has been selected for its beneficial non-allogenic properties and can speed up the tattoo healing process.

  • Tattooist Lube- For artists use during the tattoo process.
  • Tattoo Healing Balm- For clients to apply after the tattoo process.
  • Tattoo Wash- For cleansing fresh tattoos
  • Permacolour - For everyday moisturisation

Tattooist Lube - has been developed in conjunction with tattooists as a more natural way to lubricate, moisturise and protect the skin while being worked upon. When applied it instantly melts into a thin clear oil which can reduce redness and swelling whilst you work. 

Tattoo Healing Balm - The combination of 5 natural ingredients can help speed up natural healing process of skin from the tattoo process. It can be used on it's own or ideally, in conjunction with Tattooist Lube.

Tattoo Wash - A mild organic liquid soap that can help calm and clean the fresh tattoo or as a green soap alternative

Permacolour - A daily moisturiser for tattooed skin that increases the vibrancy of all colours of inks. Great for using on tattoos just before being photographed as it soaks in quickly and doesn't leave the skin "shiny".

Free from Chemicals, Petroleum Derivatives, Waxes and Bulking Agents